Ideas for Smart & Easy Travel

By: Susie Hale

While the prime summer travel season has ended, there’s still an opportunity for those without school-age children to take some time off. After a busy summer, (residential) real estate professionals may be especially ready to hit the road!

And what’s the best time to buy plane tickets? NOW, says the first article below.

Get elite treatment on the sly
The Wall Street Journal shares travel tips from corporate travel managers that get an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the comments.

The business travel companion – part 3
This special feature on business travel has links to five articles to make your business conference more productive – both while you’re there and after you get home.

Tips to get what you want with frequent-flyer miles
Labor Day is the unofficial start of planning for bargain-hunters booking holiday and spring-break trips. And there are ways to improve the odds of getting the most out of your hard-earned miles.

Martha Stewart’s top tips for packing
For goodness sakes, it’s Martha, so you know you’ll be getting totally excellent advice. I love how she packs outfits together. However, I disagree on how she handles security – with all the TSA-approved luggage locks out there, she uses twine?

Save money with these business-only travel perks
Small-business owners: take note! There are many travel “perks’ out there beyond frequent-flyer miles. Check out this article for rewards for hotels, car rental and airline fares, in addition to other company travel programs.

Your basic guide to business travel abroad
Even if you’re traveling abroad for pleasure, there’s much to be learned in this article. Everything from dress to emergency contacts, and there are links to additional excellent resources as well.

Five ways to stop bedbugs before they bite
Not fun to think about, but bedbugs have become the scourge of travelers everywhere. Here are 5 tips to keep from acquiring unwanted “guests.”

10 of the world’s top airport lounges
Stunning and luxurious airport lounges offer first-class amenities, privacy and calm. Here are 10 of the best. Bonus link: 10 Ways to get access to airline lounges.

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    I would like to ask your permission to use the graphic of the globe with the plane for a school assignment. We have to make a pretend business card for a made up company.
    Please let me know as I need to complete this assignment.

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